Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a refilled cartridge?  2020-01-03T19:45:34+00:00

By refilling your inkjet cartridge, this eco-friendly alternative saves you time and money while also reducing the number of inkjet cartridges ending up in landfills. Refilling your cartridge is an easy, cost effective and eco-friendly way to supply your printer with ink.

When should I refill a cartridge? 2020-01-03T19:45:49+00:00

We recommend that you refill a cartridge as soon as the print quality begins to degrade. Continuing to print with a cartridge that is low on ink will damage it and reduce its ability to be refilled.

How many times can I refill a cartridge? 2020-01-03T19:46:03+00:00

The number of possible refills largely depends on overall cartridge care. A well-maintained, integrated cartridge can be refilled many times. Individual ink tanks/cartridges (i.e., those found in 4-, 5- and 6-cartridge-based printers) can be refilled multiple times until the tank or cartridge becomes damaged or leaks.

What is the proper way to handle a cartridge? 2020-11-11T18:50:29+00:00

As soon as you remove the cartridge from your printer, place it into a plastic storage clip. This will protect the cartridge and prevent it from drying out. Bring the cartridges to the Costco Photo Centre for refilling as soon as possible after removing it from the printer.
If you do not have a clip, place one to three cartridges in a letter-sized envelope. Caution: Do not rub print heads together when transporting cartridges. Never touch, clean or place tape over the print head nozzles. Be sure to store all cartridges in a cool place.

How do I know that the cartridge will work in my printer? 2020-01-03T19:46:34+00:00

Before returning to the customer, each cartridge is tested after refilling to ensure proper ink flow.

Is the ink the same quality as an original HP, Canon, Epson or Brother cartridge? 2020-01-03T19:46:48+00:00

Costco Inkjet Refill Service uses cartridge specific ink to closely match the original manufacturer’s colors. This ensures the highest possible output quality for each cartridge type.

Will I get similar results to a new cartridge? 2020-01-03T19:47:41+00:00

Yes, the results you get from a refilled cartridge will closely match the results of a new cartridge. For most consumers, there will be no significant difference in everyday printing quality. With our machine-controlled fill process and a well-cared for cartridge, you will get excellent quality for less than the cost of a new cartridge.

What if there is a problem with my cartridge and it can’t be refilled?  2020-01-03T19:47:52+00:00

We can recycle the defective cartridge for you. You can purchase a new cartridge at your local Costco and bring it back to be refilled when the new cartridge runs out of ink.

What types of cartridges can be refilled? 2020-01-03T19:48:04+00:00

Our service currently refills HP, Canon, Epson and Brother ink cartridges.

How long does it take to refill a cartridge? 2020-01-03T19:48:15+00:00

Cartridges can be ready in one hour, depending on how many are dropped off. We will give you a pick-up time based on service volume.

Can I refill my cartridge here even if I have already refilled it somewhere else?  2020-11-12T19:48:51+00:00

If  your cartridge is in good working order, we will refill it for you.

Is there a recommended usage date for a refilled cartridge?  2020-01-03T19:48:37+00:00

A refilled, integrated print head cartridge (found in all 2-cartridge printer models) should be used within 90 days of refill and remain in the plastic clip until ready for use. A refilled individual ink tank/cartridge (found in all 4-, 5- and 6- cartridge printer models) may be used up to one year from the refill date.

My printer is not recognizing the refilled cartridges. Where can I find help?2020-01-03T19:48:49+00:00

Some printers have trouble recognizing refilled cartridges. ‘Low Ink’ error messages are normal with many refilled cartridges, simply bypass the alerts to continue printing.

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